Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bare-Root Moon

The Native Americans described the seasons and cycles of the earth by the activity that was taking place at each full moon. January was the Wolf Moon. According to the Farmers Almanac, " January was the month that wolves howled hungrily amid the cold and deep snows of winter". June was considered the Strawberry Moon, for the harvest of the berries. And, of course September was the Harvest Moon, the season to harvest the corn. Secretly, I have my own moon names. January is "bare-root" moon. It's the month that the dormant winter season is coming to an end, and early spring is arriving in the desert. This means it's time to get the bare-root plants in the ground. We have waited all year to add to our backyard orchard. This year we chose an August Pride Peach, an Eva's Pride Peach and a Beauty Plum. We pick varieties that will ripen at different times, which will extend our harvest into early summer. These trees grow unbelievably fast. They start out as a stick and in a few years they give you an abundance of sweet fruit to enjoy! Another bare-root favorite is the rose. I always make it a point to study which varieties will survive through our Summer heat. Honestly, there are a couple of months that are not easy for any of us. This year, as usual, it was not an easy pick. As I stand face to face with the variety and number of rose bushes it is sometimes overwhelming. All of my research leaves me and I become totally confused. One thing is certain, together, my husband and I have decided that we will never plant another rose that is not a "smeller". That is, a rose with a wonderful fragrance. This year's pick is the beautiful Graham Thomas. The label reads,"This charming, old-fashioned rose has form and fragrance, along with yellow cup shaped continuous blooms". It sounds too good to be true! We have no idea how this new rose will adjust to its new home. I only know, in my minds eye I can see the lovely yellow roses cascading over the corner of the old shed. Yes, we are willing to give it a try!

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Kim said...

Ooooh, your new rose bush sounds so pretty. I would like to add rose bushes--but I think it will have to wait until next year.