Monday, October 4, 2010

Summer Roses

Evelyn, my beautiful David Austin English rose loves her place in my garden. I thought she deserved the spotlight for her magnificent blooming performance. This climbing rose is the most fragrant rose in my garden, emitting a strong, fruity scent reminiscent of fresh peaches and apricots. The shallow, saucer shaped blooms form layer after layer of petals and are similar in style to an old rose. Her canes meander charmingly through my split-rail fencing intermingling with my delphiniums in the spring and my zinnias in the summer.
For such a delicate looking rose she doesn't flinch from the heat and continues to bloom throughout the summer. I love the soft apricot and pink blend in her petals. I just can't pass her by without stopping to admire the beauty and delicious fragrance of this rose. She reminds me to stop for just a moment and take a rest from my fall planting.
According to the David Austin Handbook of Roses, he advises giving summer roses deep waterings, generous mulching, and regular slow release feedings.
In October, prune back about 1/3 of the rose bush. This encourages new growth and repeat flowering. Prune all weak and spindly growth. Deadhead as the season cools and new blooms appear.
If you'd like some great hands on experience with roses, join a local rose society.
Here's more information on growing roses in the low desert. Roses do take a little time and effort but, they provide so much pleasure!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jill, This rose is absolutely wonderful and, indeed, so many of the David Austin roses are such excellent garden plants. I have only found a problem with one or two varieties where the heavy 'cabbage' heads hang rather badly on weak stems. That said, they often have beautiful perfume and gracious old- fashioned blooms.

Kim said...


Gorgeous pictures! Now, tell me, when should I prune my iceberg roses?


Aaryn said...

Beautiful!! When is a good time to plant this rose so I can have some just like yours? ;0)

Sweet Life Garden said...

I love the comments! Edith, I'd love to know your top three favorite roses.
Kim, lightly prune those roses now and make sure you deadhead.
Aaryn, here in Phoenix we plant our bare root roses in December and January. I buy most of my roses locally at Baker Nursery. They have the best selection in town.

Casa Mariposa said...

Hi! Your roses are gorgeous! I've had to be really selective in the roses I grow since our humidity is so high. I've done well with an Austin Sceptre d'Isle, Night Owl, William Shakespeare (also an Austin) and an apricot climber I can't remember the name of!! Great blog!!! :0)

laundryetc said...

Those roses are just amazing.

fer said...

Beautiful roses! I hope i can get some like that next year

ann said...

I love your roses. I will check in to see how the chickens are doing. We will get our dozen chicks in the spring. cheers. ann