Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chicken Talk

We all know where our eggs come from right? With all of the publicity about how the nation's egg layers really live, I am definitely going to keep my girls around! I'm not sure what has happened as far as a mass clean up at the large scale chicken farms, but I'm guessing there is still much to do. The heart of the matter is that you just can't keep 300,000 chickens in one location and not have dire consequences. Here's a reminder of the salmonella scare of 2010, take a look at this? If you're thinking of keeping chickens, you aren't alone. Phoenix Permaculture Guild is having their 2nd annual Tour de Coops on December 4th, from 7:30am to 4:30pm . This is a great opportunity to take a first hand look at chickens, coops and the interesting people that have chosen to take egg matters into their own hands. For those wondering if a few chickens would fit nicely in that empty corner in their backyard, Backyard Chickens .com is a great resource for more information.


Unknown said...

So happy to find your site, as my daughter (9) has become chicken-obsessed! We have a suburban "micro-farm" in a subdivision, approximately .8 acres of land, with a homeowners' association...so it will be quite interesting when we acquire our few chicks in the spring! Look forward to reading more of your site!

Sweet Life Garden said...

Hi Julie, happy to hear from you. I will add Garden Delights to my favorite garden sites. I'd like to try some transplants in the spring, they look great!