Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Burr. . . Time to Take Cover!

Freeze watch! This kind of thing doesn't happen very often here in Phoenix. In fact, we haven't had a hard freeze like this in ten years! The weatherman is telling us that the temperatures will fall to 29 degrees early Thursday and Friday morning, with the possibility of snow flurries. This is serious stuff for our gardens. I'm not sure my frost cloth will save my tomatoes and peppers this time around, but I 'm sure going to use what I have. I will be pulling out all of my grandma's old sheets, and every light blanket and tablecloth I can find! I will be doubling and tripling layers wherever I can. It's important to try to cover plants all the way to the ground to keep the heat in. I use bricks to secure the corners of the sheets so the wind won't blow them away. I like to place 1x2's in the corners of my garden boxes and staple burlap or plastic over  the boards to create a mini greenhouse. Burlap is heavy and shouldn't be placed directly on top of plants and plastic should never touch the vegetables. Let's all keep our fingers crossed and stay warm. Oh, and have a very Happy New Year!

Sweet Life Garden, all covered up!

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