Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last of the Leaves

Beginning of the season
There is no better ingredient for making compost than the leaves scattered beneath your trees. With only a few leaves remaining on the trees and warm spring weather around the corner, we knew this would be our last chance to collect winter leaves. We call it the "last swipe". Leaves are a great source for this free, carbon rich, trace mineral filled, organic matter that waits lying on the ground (except for the bags lining your neighbors curb). We like to mow over our leaves so that they are nice and small and ready to add to the compost bins. We bag a years worth of leaves (carbon) and save it to layer with grass clippings (nitrogen) and other organic matter throughout the year. Here are the before and after photo's.


A years supply of carbon rich "browns" for the compost bins.
Now, get out and gather!


Boho Farm and Home said...

You are right Jill, those leaves are gold! I have my bags over here too, just not all neatly chopped like your. That is a good tip! Let's get together...I have been sick this week..I will get in touch! xo Caroline

Sweet Life Garden said...

Ok, sounds great, let me know as soon as you feel better. I have a yard full of tree branches, I'm sure you know how that is!