Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Collection, Miami Moon

See why it's easy to get carried away with roses! Don't worry, I'm not obsessed at all! Just take in the texture, the color and the magnificence of  "Miami Moon", a floribunda rose. This compact, rounded rose bush with glossy green leaves, produces five inch ruffled blossoms in apricot to pink to salmon. She reminds me a little ballerina dancing the night away!


Kim said...

Seriously, Jill, write a book. With your writing, photography skills, and experience as a gardener, it would be a beautiful and useful book. xx,k

Sweet Life Garden said...

Thank you Kim, for the wonderful compliment! xoxo jill

Lylah Ledner said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Jill, I agree with Kim....you're a fluid writer that captures in the heart through your gentle simplicity and use of words that paint pictures.

Write that book....:-)

xoxo lylah

Unknown said...

Thamk you for coming to my blog. Love all your roses