Thursday, November 3, 2011

Edible Garden Tour, Fall 2011

Tucked away in a backyard, or boldly displayed in a front yard, your neighbors are working the soil. The gardeners in your neighborhood have come together to share what can be accomplished in our own backyards!

                                         Our Edible Garden Tour is only a few weeks away!    
 Here are a few photo's of our past garden tours to entice you to join us on Sunday, December 4th (Phoenix, Arizona) for a leisurely, self-guided, afternoon tour of nine urban gardens. For more information and tickets go here!

 Larry and Susan's girls
David's front yard garden.
Mary's  Garden

We'd love to meet, and talk about all things green and growing! Please join us, we'd love to share our love of gardening with you!
See you in the Garden...
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Gooseberry Jam said...

Shame I'm SOooooo far away, I'd be there in a flash, I do love a tour around others gardens...and it looks like a wonderful day out! Everyone's gardens are looking great, I hope you get a good turn out... :)

Sweet Life Garden said...

I would love to have you here! I'd love to visit you as well! I guess thats what blogs are good for, good friends at a distance! Jill