Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Secret Life of a Pumpkin Patch

My neighbor Kristy brought me a gift from her travels to France. A packet of Musquee de Provence Courge seeds to sow in my garden. A gift from one gardener to another. 
While searching for baby pumpkins, my grandson and I lifted the giant leaf of our Musquee de Provence pumkin and discovered an incredible world!
Tendrils, texture, color and form. Dangling, reaching, curling and magic growing beneath the shade of the twenty inch pumpkin leaves. We will take you there. 

Thank you Kristy!
My pumpkins are still very small, they won't be ready for Halloween, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for a nice Thanksgiving pie.
I thought I would share the description of this beautiful pumpkin from several seed catalogs.
~ Musquee de Provence, sometimes called fairytale in the U.S. Shaped like a big wheel of cheese. Thick, deep orange, moderately sweet, heavily lobed.
Ribbed, flat, tan fruit. 8 to 20lbs. A favorite in southern France, it's cut into wedges and sold at farmers markets for cooking.

Happy Halloween! 


jennifer said...

Lovely, I didnt realize that you are a photographer too!

crb said...

Isn't the pumpkin patch a magical world? Makes me want to be 6" tall...

Actually, we have these same fairy tale pumpkins growing in our garden right now as well (in addition to other varieties), so I will be very curious to hear how they perform for you. In contrast with the other varieties of squash we've got going at the moment, these have only started to set on fruit very recently (as in the last two weeks or so) -- and thus far all those which have been successfully pollinated (either by me or the local insect population) have grown to at most six inches in diameter and have then just rotted off. Very disappointing! I sure hope you have more luck... and if you do I'd love to know all your secrets to success! (:

Heather Kinkel said...

Beautiful!! Can't wait to see them all grown up!

Staci said...

Your plants look super healthy! I didn't have much luck in my pumpkin patch this year. Maybe next year.....:)

Katrina Blanchalle said...

What a gorgeous, healthy pumpkin patch! How do you discourage squash bugs? I'm not too far away from you, and I lost all my summer squash and winter squash this year to squash bugs - horribly destructive critters!

Unknown said...

soooo green! What cool photos! How awesome it would be to have your very own pumpkin patch- That may just be the first thing I invest in the second I move out of our apartment. ;) Loving your CUTE blog! xo

Unknown said...

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