Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kieffer Pear Sauce

Our Kieffer Pear tree has always puzzled me a bit. Not because I don't think it's beautiful, but because unlike European Pears, it doesn't soften with time. No matter how long it hangs on the tree, the pears remain hard and crunchy, so it's not easy to know when they're ready for picking. The consistency of the flesh is much like a jicama and the flavor is very mild.
 Our lone Asian Pear tree has grown tall and statuesque in a corner of the garden. It's filled with five inch fat, golden pears! This year we left the pears to ripen way past the usual harvest time hoping to give the pears time to sweeten up. Instead of September we waited until late December to pick the pears. The white flesh of the Kieffer Pear has a coarse texture and is best used for canning and baking. This year we made pear sauce. We just peeled, cored and chopped the pears, then let the pears slow cook in a crock pot all day. We like our pear sauce chunky, so no mashing or over cooking for us!

We added a dash of apple pie spice and that's it. 
Look what we got!
 The sweetest, richest, most luscious, flavorful pear sauce that we have ever tasted!

Our favorite way to eat our pear sauce... is for breakfast on top or our Greek yogurt, with granola on top!
January is the month to plant bare-root, deciduous fruit trees. The Kieffer pear tree requires less chilling time than most pears, which makes them a great choice for the Phoenix home orchard. Watch your local nursery for their arrival and the best selection.
 Here's a little more information about our lovely little pear tree. 


Unknown said...

that sounds incredibly tasty with the yogurt and granola :)

gardenenvy said...

This looks delicious! Jeannine

Snooks said...

Ok you got my mouth watering with these pictures. Those pears look so good and the pear sauce looks = "to die for".

@ 3Beeze Homestead

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Beautiful and delicious sounding!

VynnieMcDaniels said...

NOW, I have to have pear trees. Those look SO awesome! I like mine best in-hand. (did you know pears are a great natural anti-inflammatory snack?)

Lickedspoon said...

This looks so delicious. I love our English pears, but there seems to be a wndow of about 10 minutes between rock hard and mushy, when they are perfectly ripe and luscious. I am usually doing something else in this window, like walking the dog, having lunch, or working. Our local Turkish greengrocer stocks Asian pears so I will definitely try this beautiful compote with them.

Amber said...

That looks delish and i will be making some of that asap xx