Thursday, May 30, 2013

To Pick a Peach!

It's that time again. Our old Desert Gold is the first tree in the orchard to ripen. She is the first peach tree that we planted 16 years ago. It was this tree that made us realize the incredible abundance that peach trees give us, we knew that we'd have enough peaches to share with our neighbors.
 The May Pride, FlordaPrince and Tropic Snow ripen next, followed by a few more weeks of waiting. By the end of June the Mid Pride turns and in late July the August Pride Peach Tree ends the season.
 Early each morning my husband and I take our boxes and buckets to the orchard to harvest the ripe peaches. We climb the ladders and feel our way through the branches to reach the peaches, touching each one to feel for that slight give in the peach.
The chickens wait for the bird-pecked, damaged peaches. Charlotte and Samba the goat girls wait for a few treats too!
It's cool and quiet and peaceful in the early morning garden.
Sorting the good ones...
and tasting to make sure they are ready!

Charlotte, watching and waiting to be taken to the pasture/alley where she grazes with Samba.

We love that we're able to provide sweet, organic peaches for our neighbors to enjoy. Our orchard is small and secluded in our backyard, our neighbors would never know it was there except for the 'Organic Peach' sign that sits on our curbside every year at peach harvest time. We work hard all year to keep our fruit  trees pruned and fertilized and healthy. It's worth the trouble as mothers with their babies on their bikes and people walking their dogs stop and talk and take a bite of our juicy peaches.
  We hope that it's just the beginning of the change we would like to see in the way we eat. It's time for our communities to take care of one another, we think this is a good way to start!


Anonymous said...

Just love the look on Charlotte's face - she is ready to go to the pasture!

Decadent Housewife said...

Love this! You are so far ahead of us here - ours aren't ready until late July.