Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When We Gather

 Here, in my corner of the world
where I have gardened for a good many years, there is peace, contentment, the scent of orange blossoms and rich earthy soil.
Our garden has always served as a personal and family retreat, but a few years ago, I felt an urgency to share our private world with others. It was time to open the circle and let others in. 
Opening our little urban farms to others is no small decision on the part of all of the participants in the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour. The Garden tour has opened a whole new world to all of us. As we walk and talk with friends and neighbors, there is no doubt in my mind that we are in the midst of an incredible and far reaching change in the way we look at our food!
I want to sincerely thank all of the talented artisans that participated in our Neighborhood Garden Market. To our community of friends, old and new that joined us at the tour, the most important words that we hear are, " I want to do this too!" We know that many of you are hard at work in your own gardens. We love hearing your stories!
 I am especially grateful to the family of gardeners that share in our vision of inspiring others to take part in the real food revolution! Thank you! Thank you!

 Find more photos of the garden tour at Project Home, here!

If you weren't able to make it to the Garden Tour, here are our artisans selling their wares! Contact information is included for your Holiday shopping pleasure!
Lara and Joel's delectable cheeses and charcuterie from Hotdish.
Local children's author, Susan Meeks displays her latest book. Find it here!
Lylah and her fabulous Goat Milk Caramels, from The Simple Farm!
Caitlin's Tacos, only available at the garden tour, although her taco sauce will be available soon!
Lovely Light Pendants by Steve, available at, Project Home.
Alley's beautiful ceramics contact her at, Roots Farm.
These are Ashley's Cookies, my favorites are the snickerdoodles! Find Ashley's cookies at The Simple Farm's Thursday morning market.
Della makes her own soaps and bath salts using essential oils from her grapefruit trees. Her story is here. Contact her here.
Anne and her incredible heirloom roses, contact her at
Below, my girls, Aaryn and Emma selling our peach, strawberry, apricot jam, honey, maple granola and orange marmalade.
 Adorable wooden animals from Aaryn's new baby store, Elephant Road. (we know how to multitask!)
Carol of Grano de Vida brought her freshly baked bread to the market.
We are all in this together. Thank you for supporting all of us at the Arcadia Edible Garden Tour! We will see you in the Spring!


Unknown said...

The tour was amazing, as usual. Thanks for being such as inspiration to me, and the community. The market was great!

Debbie Petras said...

I was so bummed that I was sick the day of the garden tour! I love your photos. Everything looks so green from the rain. I especially love the photo of Lylah! I can't wait for the spring tour.

Blessings and love,